How is CBT helpful? and what is it..

In simple terms it is a way to look at how thoughts affect mood and behaviour.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT has been used to help people successfully with depression, anxiety, panic, sleep disorders and pain management.

We have hundreds of random thoughts every minute, some of our thoughts are “automatic” (core beliefs, assumptions)”I feel fat” or “People don’t like me” “I always fail”  which often trigger negative feelings and can cause mood to decline and behaviour to change.

An example would be;

I won’t go to the party because I don’t think anyone likes me (thought) I feel sad (emotion) I am going to stay inside all weekend (behaviour) – the isolating behaviour then reinforces the negative thinking and emotional distress.

CBT interventions promote awareness of thought distortions, improve emotional regulation and behavioural strategies for coping.

A therapist with training in CBT is a must.  A good workbook is “Mind Over Mood; Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think” Greenberger/Padesky

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