Questions to ask yourself if you are experiencing Anxiety Symptoms or Panic Attacks

When, where and with whom do you experience Anxiety Symptoms* or Panic Attacks?

What type of physical activity is helpful to decrease your anxiety symptoms?  What have you tried?  What can you try in the future?

What can you do to minimize distractions in your environment (s); be more organized? simplify daily routines?

What can you do to improve the interpersonal relationships you have with others?  How are your boundaries?  Are you always saying Yes? or No?

What changes can you make to food and substance choices that will help to decrease symptoms of anxiety? Caffeine intake? Alcohol? Nicotine? Sugar?

How can you ensure you have people in your life to share your concerns?

How are you incorporating time for spiritual contemplation?

*Symptoms of anxiety may include; shortness of breath, heart pounding, sweating, shaking, lightheadedness, feeling of unreality, fear- wanting to get away etc.

There are many methods that are helpful in decreasing symptoms of anxiety and managing panic. Contact me via email at or phone 604-785-4359 for more information if you think you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and would like to set up a private counselling appointment