Quit worrying about “weight” and start liking yourself!

Enough already – all of us need to quit torturing ourselves about our weight!

  • Write a list of things you like about your physical self – eyes, hair, smile etc.
  • Write a list of non-physical traits you have that are positive – honest, kind, hardworking, funny etc
  • Keep the list on your fridge and read them every day
  • Look at nature – trees, leaves, rocks, flowers, mountains, clouds…and notice imperfections and differences – there is no perfection
  • Exercise
  • Wear clothes that compliment your figure – quit waiting to fit into those “skinny” clothes
  • Stay away from fashion magazines and/or remember how much air brushing goes into the pictures
  • Do nice things for your body – massage, manicure, bubble bath, lotions, dancing
  • Stop checking the scale all the time
  • Stop talking about your weight!
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Be honest and identify what you can and can’t change with your body
  • Develop your mind
  • Strive to be “healthy” rather than being on the weight loss treadmill
  • Learn to use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)to learn to stop negative thoughts about yourself
  • Have friends that have healthy relationships with food, weight and their bodies
  • Identify your important life values and work to achieve and enjoy them

These helpful tips paraphrased from “Examiner.com 10/11”