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(The following is from the publication Gentle Care: Changing the Experience of Alzheimer’s Disease in a Positive Way, Moyra Jones, 1999)

Guilt is…

  • Never being able to say no
  • Never being able to satisfy the expectations of others
  • Never being able to satisfy yourself
  • Being angry in a nice way
  • Not feeling good about your best efforts
  • Being annoyed by others who expect you to be different, better
  • Stressful
  • Putting off important decisions
  • Putting off taking action
  • Grief on hold, not examined, put aside
  • Expectations out of step with reality
  • Never being able to enjoy yourself
  • Feeling a failure
  • Feeling abused, used, left out
  • Narcississtic
  • Lonely
  • Ugly
  • I provide this list to clients who are caregivers to promote awareness of how feelings of guilt may be affecting thoughts, mood and behaviour in sometimes surprising ways.


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