Are you making your anxiety worse?

Do you believe the symptoms of anxiety are "real". "I am nauseated - I must be sick!" "I have a thought I am going to get in an accident if I drive - this must mean I better not drive today" "I feel frightened - this must mean something bad is going to happen to… Continue reading Are you making your anxiety worse?

Guilt is…

(The following is from the publication Gentle Care: Changing the Experience of Alzheimer's Disease in a Positive Way, Moyra Jones, 1999) Guilt is... Never being able to say no Never being able to satisfy the expectations of others Never being able to satisfy yourself Being angry in a nice way Not feeling good about your… Continue reading Guilt is…

“Should I stay or should I go?”

The Clash sing "Should I stay or should I go?"  and for many of us we can relate to the back and forth that can occur in our thinking when we are faced with a decision to be made. Why is it so hard to make decisions sometimes? When we are overwhelmed we may be looking… Continue reading “Should I stay or should I go?”

How can we “caregive” for the caregiver?

As the baby boomers get older and their parents get even older the generation that had it all is now looking after it all!  Often still parenting they are now faced with caregiving aging parents; making financial, medical, household and a myriad of other decisions while dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions concerning their changing… Continue reading How can we “caregive” for the caregiver?

How to quiet our thinking…

Loved the ideas expressed in the Vancouver Sun, Oct. 6/12, Arts & Life D3 "Once we stop distracting the brain with everyday worries...ideas that are constantly fired at us...come into our awareness" Yet how do we do this? The key is to quiet the left side of the brain - the more logical, analytical and… Continue reading How to quiet our thinking…

Questions to ask yourself if you are experiencing Anxiety Symptoms or Panic Attacks

When, where and with whom do you experience Anxiety Symptoms* or Panic Attacks? What type of physical activity is helpful to decrease your anxiety symptoms?  What have you tried?  What can you try in the future? What can you do to minimize distractions in your environment (s); be more organized? simplify daily routines? What can… Continue reading Questions to ask yourself if you are experiencing Anxiety Symptoms or Panic Attacks

Helpful Mental Health Websites For Individuals, Families and Caregivers

Dealing with mental health issues - whether for yourself or a loved one the following websites could be helpful- The Canadian Mental Health Association has Family & Caregiver Support information A link just for B.C.  Centre for Addiction and Mental Health - up to date information on addiction and mental health A… Continue reading Helpful Mental Health Websites For Individuals, Families and Caregivers

What is the difference between “Baby Blues” and Postpartum Depression?

Partners and significant others of a new mother should expect some level of emotional challenges after birth of baby– approximately 80% of new mothers experience baby blues or postpartum depression (PPD) Baby Blues occur within a week or two of birth and last 3 weeks or so A new mother may be sad and weepy and… Continue reading What is the difference between “Baby Blues” and Postpartum Depression?